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Sprinkler Irrigation System

It is possible to apply irrigation water in a way that mimics natural rainfall by using the sprinkler irrigation system. Pumping is often used to transfer water through a network of pipes. Then it is dispersed into the air via sprinklers, breaking it into tiny water droplets that land on the ground.  Sprinkler Irrigation System is a method of pressurized irrigation that involves misting the soil's surface with water using mechanical and hydraulic mechanisms that mimic rainfall. This approach is cost-effective and simple to set up. Compared to surface irrigation, water measurement is simpler. It is possible to apply high and frequently.

Water Sprinkler Systems

Water Sprinkler Systems

For long-lasting durability, this water sprinkler systems head is made of high-quality plastic. Utilizing your water resources to their fullest is possible due to the firmly sealed water outlet, which may stop water leaks. To generate watering effects over a larger area or at a higher density, high-quality adjustable spray arms may be adjusted. It works well for watering medium - to large-sized yards. By regulating the water density, size, and scope, this revolutionary water sprinkler system may be targeted to conserve the maximum amount of water.


Sprinkler Fittings

sprinkler Fittings

Installing these sprinkler fittings is easy because they have all the necessary components. This fitting is of excellent quality and is simple to maintain. It contains an adjustable water valve to stop water leaks. The misting nozzles used in this system wont corrode. Agricultural, lawn, garden, patio, glasshouse, swimming pool misting fog cooling/irrigation, glasshouse watering, humidification, balcony cooling, irrigation, sprinkler fittings in sprinkler are wonderful for these applications as well as being versatile and practical. This fitting is composed of plastic, which is quite sturdy and will last longer.


Sprinkler Irrigation System

Sprinkler Irrigation System :-

Balson provides full range of services start from to define customer's need to run the project. One of our services offered is called Green House Irrigation Systems. It Ensures precise distribution of water and fertilizers. Facilitates exact positioning of dripper.

Mini Sprinkler Irrigation System

Mini Sprinkler Irrigation System :-

We offer wide range of irrigation system like
Drip Irrigation Systems

  • Inline Drip
  • Online Drip
Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Full range of 40 mm to 140 mm Sprinkler Pipe is used.

Micro Sprinkler System

Micro Sprinkler System :-

You may alter your watering by changing the nozzle's direction and angle while utilizing this micro sprinkler system. The lawn sprinkler has adjustable nozzles for more focused watering. The lawn sprinkler is fitted with a rotating sprinkler, which allows each arm to revolve to adjust spray for smaller sprinkle or greater landscape coverage. You may expand your coverage and customize your watering regions by connecting additional sprinklers to a flow-through design. A material that is extremely strong and long-lasting was used to create this micro sprinkler system.

Full range of 40 mm to 140 mm Sprinkler Pipe, Different types of Nozzle available suitable for crops, Uniform water distribution to every corner of field, Creating Rainy atmosphere, Ease of Irrigation Application, Suitable Nozzle Materials Brass and Plastic.

Plastic Sprinkler Systems

Plastic Sprinkler Systems :-

Full range of 40 mm to 140 mm Sprinkler Pipe
Nozzle Materials - Brass and Plastic
Different types of Nozzle available suitable for crops like sugarcane etc
Uniform water distribution to every corner of field
Creating Rainy atmosphere
Ease of Irrigation Application
Applications : Open fields, Orchards and Plantation, Green house and Nurseries, Residential and Landscaping areas and industry.


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